Meet Gaby...


Hello! My name is Gurbaksh Manchanda, better known as Gaby, the creator of Gaby’s Suits You (formerly located on Soho Road, Birmingham) and Gabys Studio. As a British Indian designer, I aspire to provide premium one-on-one service for my clients. I believe designing isn’t just picking an outfit, choosing a colour and getting it stitched from a tailor. This is why I created Gabys Studio, where I work together with my clients to design bespoke customized outfits. I work alone when carrying out bespoke orders from beginning to end so that my customers will always have a 100% unique design that matches their personal requirements.  Working on an appointment-only basis allows me to spend as much time as needed to discuss an order with you to ensure that any item you order meets your needs. I also pride myself in my ability to keep client designs confidential and avoid replicas wherever possible.

I have always been driven by Indian tradition, culture, fabrics, Karigari (embroidery workmanship), style and fitting. I have travelled the world for inspiration and sourcing for my role as a designer. I have had a lifelong obsession with style and fashion, and I also understand the importance of achieving the right quality and cut; it can transform a body, and create the most flattering silhouettes. I love to work with ‘zardozi’ embroidery designs and embedded ‘chanty lace’, but I don’t limit my designs to just specific workmanship, it excites me to introduce fresh designs to the market. My most recent designs include Lycra saris, a new design concept targeted to those who struggle with tying a sari; this specific style is a zip up dress sari which is easy and comfortable to wear.

Over the years I have had the privilege to work with a variety of celebrity customers including Satnam Rana, Samina, Nina Wadia and most recently Noreen Khan. Today Gabys Studio continues to enjoy strong success. My clients are located all across the UK.

Ultimately, being a fashion designer it is my top priority to offer my clients the best quality products and services there are to offer. So please come on over to Gabys Studio, where you can check out my latest designs, jewellery and much more!